[linux-elitists] HTML search engines

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Sun Jun 17 22:57:24 PDT 2001

Jeff Waugh writes:

> <quote who="Don Marti">
> > The Debian package for ht://dig is well-done, and the indexer runs
> > very quickly.  I had search working in half an hour.
> SLUG uses ht://dig for our mailing lists, although we're now moving over to
> namazu, which the GNOME Project uses.
> I highly recommend using namazu2, which is in unstable, or available for
> potato apt-get goodness with extra source lines.
> In addition to being highly readable, it has a special mode for MHonArc
> mailing list archives; the search results from these are very good (see
> http://lists.perkypants.org/search?query=table as example output). Note the
> summary and Author/Date lines.
> Also, search for "table +from:jdub@perkypants.org" to see its very groovy
> special modes for mailing list archives. Top stuff.

That is pretty cool, although I'm not trying to set up any searches
for mailing list archives, only for static HTML sites.  So I've been
playing with ht://dig since I asked.

I'll probably use ht://dig now (it's working well, although there's
some irritation about not easily being able to use multiple config
files; I want to work around that) and keep namazu in mind for mailing
list archives.

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