[linux-elitists] Pompous Top 10 List

Choong Ng choong@ssc.com
Sat Jun 16 04:14:07 PDT 2001

> > Mozilla is pretty bad over ADSL <---> ADSL; I doubt that the crypto is
> > what makes it slow there.  But I'll try it without crypto and compare.
> I add to this the data point that I'm using an iDSL connection because I
> got so used to how bits flow that I started noticing the latency during
> standard ISDN connection hiccups.
> SO maybe the fact that I notice this does not mean that Joe Biz would.

ISDN is up towards 75 or 100 msec right? That's totally noticeable over
DSL (at least ADSL, where 20 or 40 msec seems typical). Add to that the
fact that a couple of music streams will totally kill QoS for latency
based stuff and yeah, that makes sense. I don't think the
encrypt/decrypt cycle should add more than 10 or 20 msec, which might or
might not be noticeable. Then again at 600Kbps a decent size browser 
window is going to be taking 750+ msec to paint. 

What crypto do you use? And on what hardware on each end? Compression?


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