[linux-elitists] Pompous Top 10 List

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Fri Jun 15 22:59:38 PDT 2001

> > > >  1) Computers are so fast now that you'd hardly notice the difference
> > > >     except in really high-bandwidth applications.
> > > 
> > > I use tunneled X sometimes, and believe me - you notice!  
> > 
> > Interesting. I've a habit of running the latest Mozilla from one of my
> > test machines through an SSH tunnel, and I don't notice much degradation
> > (and that's over 100Mbps Ethernet). I don't think crypto imposes much
> > overhead unless maybe you're using 3DES with a slow machine on one of the
> > endpoints. And by the way, I _did_ qualify my point for high-bandwidth 
> > apps.
> Mozilla is pretty bad over ADSL <---> ADSL; I doubt that the crypto is
> what makes it slow there.  But I'll try it without crypto and compare.

I add to this the data point that I'm using an iDSL connection because I
got so used to how bits flow that I started noticing the latency during
standard ISDN connection hiccups.

SO maybe the fact that I notice this does not mean that Joe Biz would.

* Heather * Ask not for whom the <CONTROL-G> tolls.

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