[linux-elitists] Zope? Nope!

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Mon Jun 11 16:37:27 PDT 2001

> How do you deal with HTML mail?

If their subject is even worth the trouble, I humiliate them in public,
of course.

The fun part is, the public seems to like it, and even the miscreant 
often thanks me.  Or us.  Sometimes one of the other Answer Gang members
gets to 'em first ;P

> I'm thinking about 
> a) filtering into a high-noise folder
> b) sending back an automatical response with a web bug,
>    displaying gathered information on user, plus initiating
>    portscan, also displaying gathered information (is there
>    exploit information clustered by mailer/browser type
>    available anywhere?)
> c) automating killfiling of repeat offensors

They get read last, if at all.  I've pretty much created an email setup
for myself where I have to see them, but not for many seconds...

* Heather *
Might as well be frank, monsieur.  It would take a miracle to get you out
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