[linux-elitists] Pompous Top 10 List

Brooklyn Linux Solutions ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Thu Jun 7 10:00:49 PDT 2001

Interesting but I would like to explore two points.

VPN's in my expereince are incredibly slow and I haven't found a
combination of technologies yet to produce anything that useful outside of
xterm...and who needs VPN for that.  We have ssh.

I've been doing a lot of testing with VPN for a client.  PTP though ssh
rediction and SMB really seems too slow.  VNC of a MS desktop - ditto. 
Have anyone had different expereinces?

Sound Studio in a Box - How about the entire Movie Industusy in a hand

The guys at heroine have at this for some time.  Frankly, they were mostly
interested in 1/2 million dollar sales or above.  But the software and the
hardware is HERE TODAY and bcast2000 shows the way.

The question is - who can make it fly.

I want to sell Linux workstations designed around sound and video
recording.....and video streams - at a fraction of current costs...

Who's in....

Brooklyn Linux Solutions


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