[linux-elitists] turbo linux version numbers

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue Jun 5 19:00:21 PDT 2001

Trust me, I'm not asking this because I think turbo linux is any
better than the debian I run. In fact from what I've seen of turbo
linux I wouldn't be caught dead running it EXCEPT for the fact that
one of the requirements I have for the HP job that I'm working on is
to make packages for the damn distro. The thing is I'm a bit confused
by their version numbers. A while ago I downloaded what seemed to be
their latest ISO, Turbo Linux Workstation 6.1. When you look for
updates to this distro you can't find them. However, as recently as
May 26th they have been having updates for version 6.0. I'm
confused. Has anyone been paying enough attention to the goings on in
Turbo Linux to know why 6.0 seems to be thier latest version even
though 6 months ago it was 6.1.


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