[linux-elitists] Plan 9

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 5 00:05:40 PDT 2001

begin  Mr. Bad quotation:

> You'd be amazed how much you're pissing me off, Aaron.

Evan, Aaron does have a point:  Plan 9 is has a sadly flawed licence.
(No, not the relicensing clause.)[1]  Inferno is a really sad case.
Life sucks, and AT&T management _really_ sucks.  But at least we have
*BSD and Linux.  And 9wm runs on all of those.  

[1] Oddly enough, though, it may end up being declared DFSG-free and
OSD-compliant, just like APSL 1.2.  Neither of those yardsticks prohibts 
"no private modifications" clauses.

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