[linux-elitists] Mueller: the one that got away

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 28 02:36:15 PDT 2001

So, http://www.rejectmueller.org/ says "We goofed":

    Robert Mueller is NOT responsible for Dmitry Sklyarov's arrest. Mr.
    Mueller has been in Washington, DC for the past few months and has
    nothing to do with the case. Sorry, Mr Mueller, but hey, even the
    EFF got it wrong, too.


Interesting that the FBI Director designate has decided he'd rather
*not* be claiming credit for this case.  I'd say there's a slight
possibility that Sklyarov is becoming an issue it's preferable *not* to
be connected to in Washington.

Then again -- is Mueller officially responsible or not for the
activities of the San Francisco office.  Travelling and planning for the
next gig don't absolve a man from his current responsibilities, unless
they've been formally transferred.

Can we get some data on this?

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