[linux-elitists] Back at the farm: SBC/Pac Bell monopoly tactics (SFGate)

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 26 13:10:19 PDT 2001

From SFGate / SF Chronicle (NYT syndication...why can't we get decent
local tech coverage?):

    ISPs say Pac Bell a monopoly

    Katie Hafner, New York Times 

    A group of California Internet service providers, which rely on the
    Pacific Bell telephone network to offer high-speed service, has
    accused Pacific Bell and an affiliate of engaging in anticompetitive

    [PacBell is a subsidiary of San Antonia, Texas, based SBC


    "SBC is providing DSL to Pacific Bell Internet on preferential terms
    and discriminating against" the independent service providers, said
    Andrew Ulmer, a lawyer representing the association.

    Ulmer said providers that had not signed the contracts had been
    threatened with discontinued service. The group will ask the
    commission to enjoin SBC from enforcing the new contract.


    [Also at issue is "clenching" -- making it difficult for customers
    to switch DSL ISPs]

    "These tactics include shutting down the consumer's DSL connection
    and requiring the consumer to order an entirely new DSL line -- a
    process that typically takes weeks or months -- even though the
    requested change can be accomplished in a short period of time and
    with minimal service disruption to the end user," stated the 35-page


    "Technically, it's a matter of a few keystrokes," Baker said.
    "There's no reason you should have to be disconnected and go all the
    way to the back of the queue."

Me?  56k, local phone service provided by Sprint.

What's PacHell's motto again?  The phone is once again the spawn of Satan.

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