[linux-elitists] Declan McCullagh: FC: Geeks want to "Free Dmitry" -- but Congress says keep him in jail

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Wed Jul 25 10:01:36 PDT 2001

"Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> on Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 09:54:49AM -0700, Ben Woodard (ben@valinux.com) wrote:
> > Did you guys see this in politech?

>From the article (page 2):

  "There has been a lot of discussion about circumvention and free
   speech," Adler said. "But I wonder if those same advocates would
   be as protective of a piece of technology that helps people
   obtain their personal information online." 

Good God. These people aren't even making basic sense any more. This is
about the same argument as:

  "There are a lot of people who say they like ice cream, but I wonder
   if those same advocates would be as fond of ice cream if it was 
   made out of boiled human flesh?"


> I'm serious about setting myself up as the fall guy for this to take the
> hit, arrest, and jail time, if that's what it takes (and if I know y'all
> are behind me on this ;-).

I'm with you. I was considering volunteering too, but couldn't possibly
until after September.

> Idea:  code up an implementation of Sklyarov's content extractor,
> demonstrate it on an eBook copy of the US Constitution, and distribute
> source.  Under my name.  That should have a good spin to it.  Anyone on
> this list have access to an eBook encoder?

Think Elcomsoft might sell you the copyright to AEBP for a dollar? :-)

Regardless, do make sure you get good legal advice before engaging in
any planned civil disobedience. We don't want you in jail for the next 5
years, Karsten.

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