[linux-elitists] Declan McCullagh: FC: Geeks want to "Free Dmitry" -- but Congress says keep him in jail

Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Wed Jul 25 09:54:49 PDT 2001

Did you guys see this in politech?

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   Congress No Haven for Hackers
   By Declan McCullagh (declan@wired.com)
   2:00 a.m. July 25, 2001 PDT

   Coble's counterpart in the Senate, California Democrat Dianne
   Feinstein, feels the same way.
   "We need to protect copyrights and this law was designed to do that,"
   said Howard Gantman, a spokesman for Feinstein, who chairs the Senate
   Judiciary subcommittee on technology. "She's not looking to change



Dianne Feinstein is CA's senator. In other words she is very
vulnerable to directed comments by HER constituants. In other words I
see a vulnerability here. It seems to me like the majority of the
people who want the law revisited are here in CA. 


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