[linux-elitists] Future of Adobe

Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Tue Jul 24 22:21:16 PDT 2001

"Mr.Bad" wrote:
> >>>>> "RF" == Rusty Foster <rusty@kuro5hin.org> writes:
>     Me>  So, seriously, Rus, where do you _want_ it to go?
>     RF> See response on K5, if you can ever get it to load. Damn
>     RF> overloaded server. :-/
> Jeez, man. Why's it take you people a month and a half to build a
> simple server? <poke, poke> B-)

Blah. It's been sitting in a cage at Level3 for nearly a month. Piece of
crap has a new thing wrong every day, and my hosting guy seems to be
able to give it about 5 minutes attention per week.

Anyone in New York who's good with Linux and has seen a Compaq Proliant
before wanna go over and get the damn thing running? This is becoming
serious thorn in my side.

>     RF> Fair enough. What we need is a test case with someone who is
>     RF> willing and able to simply rot in jail for the sake of getting
>     RF> a rotten law gutted.
> Agreed. I'm afraid that Dmitry makes a shitty test case for DMCA. As
> much as we all want to have DMCA tested in court, and gutted there,
> this is not the case to do that -- at least, let's hope not.
> One nice thing though is that other corps have seen us beat the crap
> out of Adobe over the Sklyarov case. This should probably give them
> pause when considering whether or not to use DMCA in the future.

Most of them are still stuck between the DMCA and shareholder lawsuits
though. And quite a few, I think, have plenty of hubris to ignore these
recent events.

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