[linux-elitists] Future of Adobe

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Tue Jul 24 12:19:14 PDT 2001

>>>>> "RB" == Rick Bradley <roundeye@roundeye.net> writes:

    Me> All said, it's important to realize that we have limited
    Me> attention, funds, time, and people. Spending any time on making
    Me> Adobe "pay" or making Adobe "repent" is foolhardy.

I'm going to guess that you _do_ agree with this (at least, with "pay"
used in its moral or ethical sense, not financial).

    Me> We need to get Dmitry Sklyarov out of jail, and Adobe has
    Me> conceded all we can get out of them to make that happen.

    RB> I don't agree with this however.  Adobe is in a position where
    RB> they may be convinced they have a further obligation to
    RB> counter the bad press they're receiving in anti-DMCA geek
    RB> circles before it bleeds over into bad press in Real Customer
    RB> land.

Personally, I think we've blown our wad on Adobe. We're going to have
to work hard just to get a pressure head up to fight the DoJ -- I'd
hate to divert any of that effort to less efficacious channels. I
agree that there's lots of individual effort that can go on, but I am
dubious whether the "Reparations for Dmitry" movement is going to pick
up much momentum.

~Mr. Bad

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