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Rusty Foster rusty@kuro5hin.org
Tue Jul 24 11:31:51 PDT 2001

"Mr.Bad" wrote:
> >>>>> "RF" == Rusty Foster <rusty@kuro5hin.org> writes:
>     RF> What Adobe said they were going to do:
>     RF>   "Adobe will continue to protect its copyright interests and
>     RF> those of its customers."
>     RF> For Yet Another Adobe-is-a-bunch-of-hapless-bagbiters article,
>     RF> see http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2001/7/24/21255/9332
> So, seriously, Rus, where do you _want_ it to go? What do you want
> Adobe to do, and how are you going to make that happen? How are you
> going to interest hundreds of geeks and non-geeks in this movement?

See response on K5, if you can ever get it to load. Damn overloaded
server. :-/

> There _are_ some possibilities, but you need to focus on them if you
> actually care. One idea that is often floated in anti-patent debates
> is that of forming a loose coalition of companies opposed to software
> patents, and encouraging companies to join it.
> A similar org could be formed around opposition to the DMCA. Along
> with getting our own companies to join (a good first test, eh?), we
> could put pressure on particularly egregious offenders, like Adobe, to
> change their ways and join the cause. Although there would be nothing
> stopping them from using the DMCA even within an organization, it's a
> bit more firm than just a vague promise.

This is a good idea. Businesses need to realize that between "maximizing
shareholder value" and the DMCA, they're getting screwed here. Even if a
public company doesn't want to pursue DMCA claims, they almost have to.
The real opposition to this will probably have to come from business
itself, but it never will unless we make it hot for them to keep going
along with it.

> All said, it's important to realize that we have limited attention,
> funds, time, and people. Spending any time on making Adobe "pay" or
> making Adobe "repent" is foolhardy. We need to get Dmitry Sklyarov out
> of jail, and Adobe has conceded all we can get out of them to make
> that happen.

Fair enough. What we need is a test case with someone who is willing and
able to simply rot in jail for the sake of getting a rotten law gutted.
Dmitry is not that person, nor should he be. He doesn't even live here
-- he can just go home and never come back to the US, and not worry
about what the crazy Americans do. This, I think, is just a prelude.
Anyone know who might be willing and able to wear the martyr beanie?

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