[linux-elitists] Future of Adobe

Rick Bradley roundeye@roundeye.net
Tue Jul 24 12:13:39 PDT 2001

* Mr.Bad (mr.bad@pigdog.org) [010724 13:44]:
> How the hell are we supposed to get a movement up to make this happen?

[ ... other sentiments with which I strongly concur deleted ...]

> All said, it's important to realize that we have limited attention,
> funds, time, and people. Spending any time on making Adobe "pay" or
> making Adobe "repent" is foolhardy. We need to get Dmitry Sklyarov out
> of jail, and Adobe has conceded all we can get out of them to make
> that happen.

I don't agree with this however.  Adobe is in a position where they
may be convinced they have a further obligation to counter the bad
press they're receiving in anti-DMCA geek circles before it bleeds
over into bad press in Real Customer land.  Adobe has lots of
resources, including cold hard $, which could be used to Dmitry's
advantage if they believe that it will positively affect their bottom

= From: Rick Bradley <rick@eastcore.net>
= To: <various adobe suits and non-adobe activists>
= Subject: Attn Adobe: Pay Dmitry's Sklyarov's bail
= Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 14:02:24 -0500
= To whom it may concern:
= This is a request for Adobe to pay the cost of bail for Dmitry
= Sklyarov.
= If not for the unconscionable actions of Adobe Mr. Sklyarov would not
= be languishing in jail awaiting trial on baseless charges levied under
= poorly conceived and self-contradictory US legislation.
= Adobe's watery press release makes it clear that Adobe's management
= has no remorse or misgivings concerning this matter -- so long as the
= resulting bad press subsides -- but the public image damage has
= already occurred.  Adobe's customers perceive it as irresponsible and
= its actions reprehensible.
= Paying Dmitry's bail would help to amend some of the damage caused by
= Adobe's short-sighted, selfish, and negligent actions; while allowing
= the wrongfully accused Sklyarov to enjoy his freedom until he can
= address the ludicrous criminal charges filed against him.
= Sincerely,
= Rick Bradley
= CTO EastCore, Inc.
= [ redistribution rights hereby granted to all recipients without restriction ]

Sure it's a shot in the dark.  Sure it's just one random dude pecking
at them.  I don't care whether they feel remorse up there at Adobe HQ,
I'd just prefer to see Mr. Sklyarov out of jail and I figure Adobe's
probably got the most leveragable capital at the moment to make it

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