[linux-elitists] [declan@well.com: FC: Adobe bows to pressure, recommends release of Russian hacker]

Nick Sweeney nick@nonspace.org
Tue Jul 24 01:51:10 PDT 2001

Karsten M. Self said (<kmself@ix.netcom.com>):
> Declan's take follows.
> IMO:  Adobe doesn't get it.  Yes, one objective was to free someone
> unjustly arrested.  However, the broader objective is to gut the law
> under which he was arrested in the first place.  Adobe doesn't appear to
> recognize that DMCA is fundamentally bad law, and a liability to the
> company so long as it choses to exercise the law, as we demonstrated
> today.

It raises another couple of questions:

- can you unswear an affadavit? or at least say "our bleatings that he was
an evil dangerous cracker, don't listen to them"? (if so, there's a case
that Adobe has been wasting police time; if not, words like "perjury" and
"defamation" come to mind.)

- "best interests of the industry"? Does that mean John Warnock gets to
judge who's a "deserving" victim of the DMCA?

Either way, I hope that an Adobe rep is waiting at the prison gates with a
large cheque to compensate for Dmitry's loss of earnings, legal and travel
costs, and the effects of being fucked over by Corporate Law-Enforcement.

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