[linux-elitists] Free Dmitry Sklyarov!

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 21 15:46:09 PDT 2001

on Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 09:01:18PM -0700, Mr. Bad (mr.bad@pigdog.org) wrote:

> The EFF is organizing protests at Adobe offices and US Federal
> Buildings or embassies world-wide. The one here in the Bay Area is
> being organized by Don and others. There's info here:
>         http://www.eff.org/Alerts/
> ...and I've attached an announcement for the Bay Area event at the end
> of this message.


> ---8<---
> Free Dmitry                                           Free Dmitry
>                          MARCH ON ADOBE
> Free Dmitry                                           Free Dmitry
> Monday, July 23, 2001, 11AM-1PM
> Downtown San Jose, California, USA

Note that EFF has posted a notice that it is withdrawing from the
scheduled protest:


    Protest Call Brings Adobe to the Negotiating Table

    (Issued: July 20, 2001)

    There has been a lot of confusion about the Electronic Frontier
    Foundation's decision to withdraw from the protests on Monday,
    July 23, pending discussions with Adobe.

    We want Dmitry Sklyarov out of jail and we want to stop the
    anti-fair-use and anti-free-speech elements of the Digital Millenium
    Copyright Act (DMCA). In our best judgment, the next step in this
    process is to talk to Adobe and exhaust available remedies before
    taking other action.

I'm not sure that this is entirely appropriate -- there are multiple
objectives, and one is certainly getting Dmitry out of jail, but the
other is showing the fascistic idiocy and consequences of the DMCA.
What's the verdict on the protest itself?  I'm inclined to be there.

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