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Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Thu Jul 19 21:01:18 PDT 2001

So, I'm probably stealing some of Don's thunder on his own damn list,
but I wanted to make sure that people were aware of the very important 
developments in the Dmitry Sklyarov case.

For those who don't know: Dmitry Sklyarov is a Russian programmer who
developed software to allow legitimate purchasers of eBooks (a
copy-protected digital book format by Adobe Systems) to exercise their
fair use rights, such as backing up the eBook files or viewing them on
an unsupported platform, like Linux.

In response to a complaint filed by Adobe under criminal sections of
the DMCA, Sklyarov was arrested by the FBI on July 16th for
trafficking in a "circumvention device." He'd been giving a speech at
Def Con in Las Vegas about the weaknesses in the eBook and encrypted
PDF formats, and had conjectured that it might never be possible to
truly copy-protect digital media.

Dmitry has been held without bail since, and has been out of contact
with his wife and children in Moscow.

It's all there in that story, folks: everything that's wrong with the
DMCA. The casting-aside of fair use doctrine. The suppression of open
discussion of cryptography and technical flaws. The criminal penalties
($500K or 5 years in prison!) for not using, but _writing_ the "wrong"

The EFF is organizing protests at Adobe offices and US Federal
Buildings or embassies world-wide. The one here in the Bay Area is
being organized by Don and others. There's info here:


...and I've attached an announcement for the Bay Area event at the end
of this message.

The info about the event needs to go out far and wide. Please, send it
wherever you can: LUG lists, information freedom lists, or anywhere
else it should be. It's been submitted to Slashdot, who probably won't
pay attention till Tuesday. I've got an article going up tonight on
PDJ, which I'll try submitting to kuro5hin.org, which probably won't
go up until next next Tuesday B-).

This one's the Sacco-Vanzetti of the DMCA, folks. It's the Rosenberg
trial of information freedom. OK, well, hopefully not, because both of
those pairs died. But you know what I mean! Trial of the century!
Trial of the Digital Millennium! Be there for history!

Free Dmitry,

~Mr. Bad

Free Dmitry                                           Free Dmitry
                         MARCH ON ADOBE
Free Dmitry                                           Free Dmitry

Monday, July 23, 2001, 11AM-1PM
Downtown San Jose, California, USA

Please join programmers and freedom lovers in San Jose on Monday to
protest the arrest of Russian programmer Dmitry Sklyarov.  At the
request of Adobe Systems of San Jose, Dmitry was arrested by the
FBI in Las Vegas on July 16th.

"The U.S. government for the first time is prosecuting a programmer
for building a tool that may be used for many purposes, including
those that legitimate purchasers need in order to exercise their
fair use rights," said Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney
Robin Gross.

Demonstrations will be held worldwide.  For information on Dmitri's
case and other "Free Dmitry" events, please visit the Electronic
Frontier Foundation web site at http://eff.org/Alerts/

MEET AT THE SNAKE: We will meet in downtown San Jose at the snake
sculpture, Quetzalcoatl, at the south end of Cesar Chavez Park.
Cesar Chavez Park is at the corner of South Market St. and West
San Carlos St., across San Carlos from the Hyatt St. Claire Hotel.
>From the snake we will march the two blocks to Adobe together.

>From VTA light rail: Take the Santa Teresa/Baypointe line to the
Convention Center stop.  Trains run approximately every 10 minutes.
The convention center is on the south side of the street; walk 1/2
block east on W. San Carlos St. to the snake.

>From Caltrain: Transfer from Caltrain to the Santa Teresa/Baypointe
light rail line at the Tamien station.

VTA light rail schedules: http://www.vta.org/schedules/SC_901.html

Driving: Downtown San Jose is accessible from US
101, Interstate 280, and California 87.  

Parking: An inexpensive parking garage is available at the San Jose
Convention Center, across San Carlos.  The entrance is from Almaden
Blvd., one block west.

Please bring a sign or a U.S. or Russian flag, and a cell phone if
you have one.  Keep signs simple (4 words is ideal) so that they
are easy to read for people passing by.  "Adobe: drop the charges"
and "Free Dmitry" are examples.

Free event T-shirts to the first 50 attendees.

Don Marti <dmarti@zgp.org> 650-962-9601 or 650-743-8035 (cell)

Will Doherty, EFF Online Activist <help-sklyarv@eff.org>
+1 415 436-9333 x111

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