[linux-elitists] My Mom Runs Linux

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Mon Jul 16 04:53:54 PDT 2001

Mr . Bad writes:

> And it'd also be cool to have case studies, or better yet just plain
> old STORIES, about helping Mom switch. Maybe with pictures of Linux
> lovers, and their moms, and their great Linux boxes, and maybe some
> hardware and software profiles of the boxes.
> So here's the help I need: does anyone have a mom running Linux? Wanna
> send me a picture? Wanna send me a story?

Tami Friedman <tami@gnu.ai.mit.edu> is a "GNUrse" in Austin, TX, and is
a mom (not my mom).  I met her this afternoon in Las Vegas.  She uses
Emacs and has been a free software enthusiast for some years, even
though she is not herself a programmer.

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