[linux-elitists] My Mom Runs Linux

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre@deirdre.net
Sun Jul 15 22:03:51 PDT 2001

Mr. Bad wrote:
> Hey, so, here's this little ad blurb I get from slashdot every day:

> ---8<---
>       Slashdot Daily Headline Mailer

> How long before Mom is running Linux? Your answer is out there. [Out
> *where*?]  Solutions, the IBM Technical Developer Conference is coming
> to San Francisco August 13-16. Choose from more than 370 hours of
> elective and hands-on
> sessions. http://www.ibm.com/events/solutionsevent/r/exslash1a

> Sponsored by IBM
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When I did the film shoot for this conference, I was the only developer
interviewed whose mother WAS running Linux. In fact, she was using it in
95-96 when I didn't use it until 98.

At the time, she worked for an ISP that uses Linux in British Columbia.

> Despite the fact that this particular cliche is kind of insulting to
> women in general and moms in particular ("Mom don't hack"), I think
> we're well past the point where everybody should be able to have a
> Linux desktop.

Richard Couture pointed out, via the coffeenet, that one didn't have to be
'leet to use Linux. Given a good administrator, it's usable by anyone.

> And I was thinking to myself, hey, self, wouldn't it be cool to have a
> Web site devoted to helping your Mom make the switch over to Linux? So
> I registered "mymomrunslinux.org", and I'm seeking some help.

> I think it'd be cool to have a Linux-For-Moms-HOWTO available on the
> site to give some step-by-step advice on how to get your Mom's Linux
> box to work.

> And it'd also be cool to have case studies, or better yet just plain
> old STORIES, about helping Mom switch. Maybe with pictures of Linux
> lovers, and their moms, and their great Linux boxes, and maybe some
> hardware and software profiles of the boxes.

> So here's the help I need: does anyone have a mom running Linux? Wanna
> send me a picture? Wanna send me a story?

You're free to talk to my mom: Cheryl Morris <camorris@mars.ark.com>.

> P.S. If you think moms aren't elite, well, you've been hanging out
> with the wrong kind of moms.

Well, my mom is VERY special, but I'm sure she's not the only example. :)
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