[linux-elitists] Consulting rates

Deirdre Saoirse Moen deirdre@deirdre.net
Tue Jul 10 21:50:39 PDT 2001

Seth wrote:
> I'm going to go back and read that _Linux Journal_ article about being
> a consultant, but I thought I could ask here, too --

> I might be taking a Linux consulting contract soon and I haven't done
> work in that structure recently.  How can I find out what are usual
> consulting rates?

Minimum rate is your (annual salary / 2000) * 1.3. For a 100k annual
salary, that would be $65/hr. Yes, normally a salaried worker works 2080
hours, but has two weeks vacation, thus the 2000 hour figure.

Right now, the market is not sustaining significantly higher rates. Ask me
how I know. Also, I'd recommend, in this market, working through an agency
that will handle billing and collections (and mark you up further to cover
their costs). I can recommend one offline if you're interested.

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