[linux-elitists] What are the best domain name registrars?

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Tue Jul 10 19:52:42 PDT 2001

Rusty Foster wrote:
> Consider this a third vote for Joker. They're cheap, and IME reliable.
> And they're good about notifying you when domains you own are coming up
> for renewal.

But it seems they require you to use obsolete technology (faxing) to
validate domain transfers. Their web page and docs are also a trifle
disorganized, especially that whole two-separate-databases/interfaces

I've heard good things about gandi.net, and just transfered my domain to
them tonight. Plusses:

- cheap (12 euro)
- clear, consise, informative, and technically valid docs
- w3m-friendly interface
- targeted at individuals and nonprofits
- releases some of their backend code as free software
- french


- can only pay for one year in advance
- french

see shy jo

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