[linux-elitists] California Copyleft Research Initiative of 2001

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 10 00:36:03 PDT 2001

begin Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO quotation:

> I wanted to quote this little peice of Slashdot: I think it clearifies
> my position about Public Domain and copyright in the law.

That's all very well.  However, when this author says "The
end, or goal, of copyright, is to enlarge the public domain", he is
using the term "the public domain" to mean something _entirely different_ 
from the concept we were discussing previously.

I'm sorry if this is confusing, but that's the English language for you:
Context is an essential part of meaning, and the broad, fuzzy concept of
"the public domain" (meaning the areas of public concern) is pretty much
entirely unrelated to the copyright concept of "public domain" as a
category of copyright legal status.

It would be a great aid to reducing confusion if you, I, and everyone
else were to avoid confusing those two things -- and especially to avoid 
injecting the former broad policy concept into an existing discussion of
copyright law specifics.

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Rick Moen     woman she meets, and then teams up with three complete strangers
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