[linux-elitists] Re: Which Web services are the most bestest ones? (fwd)

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Fri Jul 6 11:55:13 PDT 2001

Don Marti writes:

> Richard Stallman wrote, "Unix is not my ideal system, but it is not
> too bad."  If Miguel wants to say, in effect, "Windows is not my
> ideal system, but it is not too bad," that's good news, in a way.
> Free software philosophy is a big tent that accepts multiple
> aesthetic and technological visions, and thus multiple work styles.
> Freedom and work style could easily become orthogonal.  

Sometimes I think of myself as defending Unix against certain other
systems, like Windows, and sometimes I think of myself as defending
free software against non-free software.  I am indeed fortunate to use
a free Unix system.

If there were a free version of Windows, or a magical resurgence of
proprietary Unix, we would find some stranger situations, where the
alliances and rivalries would be less obvious.

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