[linux-elitists] Must sign off for a while.

Heather star@betelgeuse.starshine.org
Tue Jul 3 16:03:42 PDT 2001

Well, my mailbox is more full than ever :)  I enjoy chatting politics 
but the BBC list is getting more interesting and (for some reason ;P) 
there is notably more traffic than there used to be on TAG.  So, 
according to my own rules that if it doesn't fit in my inbox, it's 
gotta go...

I'll be following along on the web once in a while of course, and I will
probably be back if I reduce my TAG processing load in any interesting
fashion.  Meanwhile see you at the various LUGs, and LWE for those of you
distant sorts that are coming here for it.

* Heather * The steady state of disks is full.  -- Ken Thompson

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