[linux-elitists] Science Journals Suck

Bulent Murtezaoglu bm@acm.org
Mon Jul 2 02:33:26 PDT 2001

    RF> ... But they don't seem to be looking to the future.  They
    RF> don't seem to be considering changing their abominably idiotic
    RF> relationship with these publishing profiteers. While
    RF> campaigning for the release of the existing hostage research
    RF> is good, at the same time, they really ought to be using their
    RF> bully pulpit to figure out some way to fix the current broken
    RF> system, and ensure they don't have to fight this battle all
    RF> over again.

Based on my memory of the environment in grad school, this will happen
quickly only if the tenured faculty push for it.  Untenured faculty and
academically minded grad students will use every opportunity to
publish and probably cannot fight this fight unless the tenured faculty 
are behind it.

[stuff I agree with deleted]
    RF> Charge one flat subscription fee to the whole shebang, call it
    RF> $50.00 a month. Hell, make it $25. 

Well, I just paid $80 or so for ACM's digital library.  That is for a 
year.  IEEE should be similar.  AAAI's library (such as it is) is free
at the moment.  Library access for USENIX comes with the annual 
fee I think and is reasonable.  So your prices for something bigger
seem reasonable and maybe on the high side.  I don't think many
people will care as long as the prices are reasonable and there are
student discounts etc.  I don't know what the situation is like in 
other fields though, maybe on-line access won't work for other fields
(ie people only know how to do the real library bit).  

Things don't need to stop at library access, of course.  Tools like
NEC's citeseer would be wonderful if all the links led to downloadable
PDF's.  Add to that something like Amazon's "if you liked this..."
kind of inference engine interface and: 

    RF> [...] That sounds awfully good to me. But maybe I'm just
    RF> fantasizing. :-)

No I think it'll happen but Elsevier and its ilk won't die instantly.



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