[linux-elitists] California Copyleft Research Initiative of 2001

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Jul 1 23:06:31 PDT 2001

begin  Heather quotation:

[re: a copyright holder placing his work "in the public domain":]

> Therefore it's much better to strongly and loudly assert your status
> as Copyright Holder and then state your intent for the thing to remain
> more intensely free than average.

I keep encountering the weirdest thing:  In my efforts to help PalmOS 
developers straighten up their licensing (as I've built up my archive
at http://linuxmafia.com/pub/palmos), I keep encountering coders who
insist, if they agree to state licence terms at all, that their work
should be "public domain".

I don't want to press those guys on the matter, since getting them to
deal with the issue at all is difficult enough, but surely it's not 
difficult to understand that they should want the liability & warranty 
disclaimer of a BSD or MIT/X licence, at least?

Apparently there still are a few people in this world who still think
they're too insignificant to sue.  It's kind of charming, really.

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