[linux-elitists] California Copyleft Research Initiative of 2001

Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Sun Jul 1 15:17:13 PDT 2001

> "fair" unless defined, is merely pleasant buzz.  Hmm.  I recently commented
> to someone (don't recall who, now) about how Public Domain (in my not-a-lawyer 
> opinion) was supposed to be, the copyright holder of this item is now The
> Public.  Therefore anyone who can be considered The Public in the u.s. has
> all the defined copy-rights towards a thing in the public domain.
> 	(rants about large companies going to briefcase-war once every
> 	12 years so they can continue to own a cartoon, ellided.)

This is itself is a problem.  All published works are in the Public Domain.

The governemnt gives a limited franchise to creates of such works to
encourage the publication of more works.

Works which have not been given exclussive franchises, or whose franchises
expire, are in the public domain, allong with all other works, but without
the restrictions of a limited franchise.


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