[linux-elitists] anybody using non BIND dns?

Emanuel Pirker epirker@edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Wed Jan 31 10:41:32 PST 2001

AFAIK there is only djbdns (by Dan Bernstein, the qmail author). And
of course M***$*** DNS. All root name servers run BIND, however on several
different operating systems.

Everything else is BIND... Would be interested if there's something other
available as well.

BTW: There is the caching nameserver, but AFAIK this is - as the name
suggests - for caching only; therefore for enhancing the resolv process,
not for serving of DNS zones... 



On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Heather wrote:

> There's a thread on another list I'm involved in, I'm kind of wondering if
> anybody here is using any non BIND named's.  Since I *don't* believe everything
> I read on the internet, I doubt there are only two competitors to it for the
> feature.
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