[linux-elitists] Linux at NYU

Heather star@starshine.org
Tue Jan 30 11:53:47 PST 2001

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> In regards to Don's interesting impulses last night, NYU is having a Linux
> speach on the hackers ethic....what ever the hell that is...

hack = to have fun with code and tech.  to play with it to see how it works.
       analogous to 6 year olds who take apart radios and put them back 
       together again successfully, and sometimes in better condition than
       they began.  thence to share the info, if anyone nearby happens to
       care (bragging isn't required by the ethos, but seems to be a common
       result :> )

crack = break techy stuff open for various reasons. 

quite possible for someone to be a hacker (one who plays with and learns from
techy things) and a cracker (who breaks open things) without being unethical
(stealing, breaking into places/data uninvited, using resulting knowledge
 for illegal purposes).

and I didn't even refer to the jargon file directly.

> and since NYU is running
> the Vital Books stuff...it might be a good show with 30 passes at NYLUG
> See the NYLUG mailing list for details

Have fun guys, collect toys at the show for me.

* Heather * Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
		-- F. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month"

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