[linux-elitists] Fun benchmark du jour: khttpd vs. boa

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 28 18:56:08 PST 2001

begin  Ruben I Safir - Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO quotation:

> Take a cab - unless you want to come here in Brooklyn for a stop over,
> which is a lot closer to JFK, and you can check into Manhattan at your
> leisure.

It's tempting.  I like Brooklyn very much (even in freezing rain such as
we're likely to have soon), and my parents used to like in Jackson
Heights, back when my dad flew out of La Guardia, nearby.  And I'll
_definitely_ be ready for a real pastrami sandwich, such as cannot be
found for love nor money around here.  But I think I'll be going into
town.  They have pastrami there, too.  ;->

> Taking a train from JFK with Luggage is unthinkable IMO.

Heh.  I agree -- but I'd be doing it with one knapsack and one small
shoulder bag for my VAIO.  I'm staying only three nights.

> I couldn't surely tell you how to get from JFK to the Train....

There's a free 24-hour shuttle bus every 15 minutes from JFK Terminal 4W
(the yellow, white, and blue bus, I gather) to the "A" line's Howard
Beach station.  

> ...and it's a LONG train ride.

If you believe the schedule, it's 16 minutes downtown to the
Broadway-Nassau station (to Fulton Street station) transfer onto the #4
line, and then about another 15 minutes uptown to 51st Street /
Lexington station, near my hotel.  Call it 40 minutes.  $1.50.

> The trip into Manhattan is against traffic.

Yes, but that's still about an hour -- and $30 flat-rate cab fare, plus
toll and tip.

Cheap bastards R us.  And I used to do pretty well with the subway
system.  Also, if I never see the Queens Expressway again, it'll
brighten my life.  (Not that I care for JFK Airport, either, but that
can't be helped.)

> Yes - it is stagestically placed as near to NJ as possible.  Don't
> worry about that.  You can actually walk it (although it's is a
> sizable walk from Park Ave.  The hotel probibly has transport to the
> Center.

It seemed like I spent my college years walking across midtown
Manhattan, between either Penn Station or the Port Authority building
and the East Side Airlines Terminal.  So, this is all old territory, for

> I'm voting for my Grandfather again...

We could do much worse, I'm sure.  Are doing so, in fact.

Cheers,     "Because film is the pre-eminent American art form.  You don't hear
Rick Moen   people saying 'You know, this movie would make a really great epic
rick@linuxmafia.com     poem.'"   -- Orson Scott Card, book signing, 7 Jan 2001

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