[linux-elitists] Fun benchmark du jour: khttpd vs. boa

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 28 18:06:09 PST 2001

begin  Ruben I Safir - Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO quotation:
> Are you guys meeting at the Waldorf tomorrow?

Well, I certainly could -- though I'm up for alternatives.  Sound good
to you?

I was just refreshing my recollection of the subway system.  Looks like
I'm arriving at rush hour at JFK, and, rather than grind along the
Queens so-called Expressway from the wilds of Jamaica Bay, I'll be
better off taking the A line, change at Broadway-Nassau to the 4-line's 
Fulton St. station, then uptown to 51st St./Lexinton Ave.  And, Bob's
your uncle, I'm a block from the hotel.  Oh, around about 6 PM.  My
cellular:  408-621-7084.

It also looks like Javits Center was cleverly built at maximal distance
from the subway, but I can grab the E line from 5th Ave./53rd Street to 
34th Street/Penn Station and walk a few blocks west.

Weather:  A balmy 0 degrees C or so.  Rain in a couple of days.
Cheers,                                      Re-elect Al Gore in '04.
Rick Moen

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