[linux-elitists] Fun benchmark du jour: khttpd vs. boa

Ruben I Safir - Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Sun Jan 28 17:35:55 PST 2001

Are you guys meeting at the Waldoff tomorrow?


On Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:27:54 Rick Moen wrote:
> begin  Don Marti Uses GIFs on the Sly quotation:
> > So who's going to LinuxWorld NYC? 
> I am!  I'll be doing articles on some sessions for IDG/LinuxWorld (and
> will be a contestant for the Penguin Bowl, which should be fun).
> I'll be staying at the Waldorf Astoria (301 Park Avenue), Monday through 
> Wednesday nights, and flying back on Thursday.  I'd love to hook up with
> some of the usual suspects, there (Jay?).  I'll have my cellular 'phone
> with me, so please drop me mail off-list if anyone wants to contact me
> while I'm in town.  (I also hope and expect there'll be lots of Net
> access, there, so I'll be checking e-mail.)
> Or just look for the loud Hawaiian shirts, each in several mind-wrenching
> colours.
> > Also, Doc Searls proclaimed the Jon Katz of kuro5hin.org:
> > http://www.kuro5hin.org/?op=displaystory;sid=2001/1/24/202917/369
> That seems something of a low blow.  Has anyone been dubbed kuro5hin's 
> Joe Barr, or is that comparison yet to come?
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