[linux-elitists] Fun benchmark du jour: khttpd vs. boa

Heather star@starshine.org
Thu Jan 25 15:13:09 PST 2001

> > Some of the javascript abusers that I haven't blocked include yahoo, sun, 
> > and microsoft.  Tho the latter is tempting.
> ... they're doing a pretty good job of blocking themselves. 

Oh? (looks at news for once) oh!  :D  

> > Has anybody got statistics on trying to crash them instead of trying to 
> > get speed out of it?  Since that's what Apache claims to aim for.
> Ben Woodard was working on updating the "fuzz testing" paradigm to test
> network and X applications. But I haven't heard of anybody managing to
> crash boa. (Boa is most elite because it is one process, one thread,
> select(2)-driven, which as we all know is much harder to do than forking
> processes or spawning threads.)

And, it has an easy to type name.

> > I'm sure that some of us elitists are amongst the "vanishingly small" count,
> > which might upgrade it "a bit low" or maybe even "a handful" :)
> You're confusing elite with elitist again. Elite is a high-performance
> web server; elitist is the web server that's run by the fewest people,
> is hardest to set up, has the least easy-to-read config file, or all 
> three.

Ahhhh.  I've often been weak on terminology (being busy at a terminal, instead)
Anyone know any web servers written in FORTH?

> So back to the subject of LinuxWorld: I'm a lazy-ass technology reporter
> now and want to know what all the cool sessions are so I can write
> them up and say "hey, go to these sessions" for the LJ site. Any
> recommendations?

Grab their blurbs in electronic form, have a script spot all the buzzwords,
go to the ones with either the lowest or highest buzzword count overall.
Depending on your preference, you might go to both those extremes.

This is the electronic equivalent of "grab a black marker, scratch out all
the buzzwords, go to any that still have recognizable sentences left.  And
post a mic somehere in any that are completely black, just in case the
audience gets in any really good digs."

In the ideal case, you may spot a few things that are buzzwords-to-be, by 
noting their buzzword like quality after your script fails to catch them.


* Heather * Horngren's Observation:
	Among economists, the real world is often a special case.

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