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Linked from LinuxToday.

The New York Times (registration required -- someone got the free access
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SDMI has been cracked, but method cannot be revealed on account of the


    Group Says It Beat Music Security but Can't Reveal How


    Edward W. Felten, an associate professor of computer science at
    Princeton , is perhaps best known for his role in the Microsoft
    antitrust trial. During the trial, where he demonstrated a program
    that he said stripped the Internet Explorer browser from the Legacy
    MS Windows operating system, he spent hours explaining what he had
    done and how he had done it.

    But the professor has been far less forthcoming about a more recent
    hack, and at a conference last week he explained why: Lawyers have
    advised him that publicizing the details of his tinkering could
    violate a 1998 federal law called the Digital Millennium Copyright


    "It is not clear the extent to which we're allowed to publish our
    results or discuss them in public," Dr. Felten told about 400 people
    at Georgetown University last week at a two- day conference sponsored
    by the Coalition for the Future of Music.


    In November, Dr. Felten said he planned to publish the results of the
    group's experiments, which included writing and running a software
    program to remove the watermarks. Such a program would be easy to
    distribute on the Internet - much like DeCSS, a program used to
    break the encryption system on DVD movie disks.

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