[linux-elitists] kernel, BT, Windows Media, Merc, Fat Albert

Jeff Waugh jdub@aphid.net
Tue Jan 9 00:27:10 PST 2001

<quote who="Heather">

> Anybody use anything weird like Tom's RtBt on a hard drive or something like
> that?

There's the die-hard wannabe (or wannabe die-hard) Linux from Scratch which
seems to interest the most noxious of dumbarses.

It troubles me when I hear questions like, "Why doesn't Helix Code support
Linux from Scratch?" from twits on IRC who think they're 1337.

That said, I've once built a gateway from a tomsrtbt disk... Only for the
challenge - usually takes me about 20 minutes with Debian. :)

- Jeff

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