[linux-elitists] kernel, BT, Windows Media, Merc, Fat Albert

Heather star@starshine.org
Mon Jan 8 22:43:19 PST 2001

>"> RH isn't shipping it

And Caldera shipped a "developers distro" which does have some sort of 2.4
pre in it.  So this makes Caldera spiffy and beautiful?  Heh.  It's not
about the distro, it's about the notes in its packaging system.

> > There are some known issues, yes.  One of 2.4.0's most notable was the
> > ext2 security bug, whose patch linus hadn't merged.  Fixed in ac1.
> Yes, there are lots of nice things fixed in the ac series right now.
> Definitely recommended if anyone wants to run the 2.4.0 kernel.

Side bets one which mini-rev is *really* stable - as defined as, takes longer
than a month to need a new mini-rev.
> > Actually, I seem to remember RH4 having 2.2.0 on it.  My first step
> > away from slackware .. Didn't take long before I found a home in Debian,
> > though.
> 2.4.0 is on the RH 7.0 disc, and 2.3.something shiped on Caldera's
> "Technology Prieview", but I bet it will be a number of months before
> any distro ships _only_ the 2.4.x kernel.

Yeah, that's the one.  Debian certainly won't ship _only_ 2.4 ... they still
have a stack of old kernel packages.
> If this WireX gig ever closes down, then I'll move to Debian, till then
> I'm sticking with Immunix :)
> greg k-h

Anybody use anything weird like Tom's RtBt on a hard drive or something like
that?  Jim at least is trying out Progeny.  Maybe it's cabin fever but I'm
getting tired of hearing about just the "Linux Is Ready For The Desktop, 
Honest, We Swear" distros.

* Heather * The last thing one knows in constructing a work is what to 
            put first.  -- Blaise Pascal

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