[linux-elitists] kernel, BT, Windows Media, Merc, Fat Albert

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Jan 8 18:08:46 PST 2001

So, maybe the way to tell when the kernel gods _really_ think 2.4
is stable is: when do they get sufficiently bored with it that Linus
lets them start 2.5?

Of course, the fact that Red Hat is _not_ shipping 2.4 says a lot
for its stability.

British Telecom CEO nominated for Internet Villain award:
(Down with software patents!  Down with Kenyon and Kenyon!  I'd like
to cut the head off a CueCat and leave it in James Rosini's bed. That
would be cool.)

Did you know there's a Linux box with _licensed_ Windows Media and DVD
software on it? http://www.zapmedia.com/html/products/features.html
x86 CPU, all the software is on the hard drive, and the case is held
together with 4 Phillips screws, not that any of that information is
of any interest at all to anyone here.  

Mercury News article again reports on CPRM without mentioning
or linking to The Register (as you're supposed to do)
Dawn C. Chmielewski is like summer vacation from school: no class. (I
got that from "Fat Albert" when I was like _9_ and I've been waiting to
use it ever since.)

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