[linux-elitists] MAKE METH FAST

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sat Jan 6 21:40:31 PST 2001

First of all, Cais High Speed Internet Access for hotels is pretty
decent. Fast, works fine without installing special software, and it's
only $9.95 which your boss will _not_ notice on your hotel bill if you
get lots of room serice and pay-per-view.


The place to stay in Las Vegas is the Embasssy Suites Convention Center.
A couple of blocks from the convention center, fast Internet access (see
above) and you can get to the elevator without walking past an acre of
slot machines.

So, Java started out as little chessy games to crash your web browser,
then it got to be IBM's Annointed One True Way For Lots of Expendable
People To Write Big Programs in Large Groups Whose Members Can be Laid
Off at Any Time, but now some freak named Ian Clarke has written a
super-deluxe automatic content mirroring system called Freenet in it
(http://www.pigdog.org/auto/liberty/link/1264.html) so everybody's
finally got a real reason to get Free Java working. Freenet developers
are testing Kaffe and gjc, and if I'm right in my perception of the
situation, the pace of development of Free Java is picking up now that
there's a reward of encrypted peer-to-peer crystal meth syntheses if
you get it working. So go to freenet.sourceforge.net or (Debian users)
http://www.prodromou.san-francisco.ca.us/~evan/freenetdeb/ and try it
out. Hey, maybe the first legal case against Freenet will be brought
under the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act. 

Microsoft promised to get me an interview with their DRM project manager
(for background info on the "Entertainment devices based on Linux
are fucked because Microsoft is paying people to use Windows Media"
story) but they chicked out at the last minute. Keeping the world's
most ambitious DRM plan secret. Maybe that Andrew Orlowski dude at the
Register would be interested since he had so much fun with CPRM. (Either
Microsoft has the world's best PR secret-keeping machine or I am a total
jackass for trying to play Objective Professional Journalist Doing a
Story on Microsoft while wearing a GNU T-shirt.)

I went to the "Adult" room at CES and it's only about 6 booths -- one
trade journal, two web sites, one booth selling videos of obese women,
one retail management system company that looked totally out of place
but maybe their trade show manager figured if he had to go to CES he
could at least be by the porn, and one other that must have sucked too
or I would have remembered it. No Linux in the world's lamest Hall of
Porn, but TiVo, empeg, and Kerbango are all getting good traffic.

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