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Wow, talk about missing the boat.

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OK, so you're not a programmer. But that doesn't mean you wouldn't
know your from EBCDIC from your ASCII, and it doesn't mean you
can't learn to create and deploy problem-solving scripts that will
simplify your life.

Windows Scripting Solutions, a monthly newsletter from the editors at
Windows 2000 Magazine, is a straightforward guide to help systems
administrators like you master real-world scripting techniques. Find out
how to effectively use VBScript, NT shell scripting, and Perl code with
a variety of scripting technologies, including Active Directory Service
Interfaces (ADSI), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), and
Windows Script Host (WSH).

No other resource is so thoroughly devoted to helping you tackle
common problems and automate everyday, time consuming tasks with
simple tools, tricks, and scripts. This newsletter is packed with more of
the informative, practical articles, and timely tips you've come to expect
from Windows 2000 Magazine. With tons of informative tips and
techniques at a rate of just $99* US a year (12 issues), there's no good
reason not to subscribe today.

To order:
Click here: http://www.reclk.com/eP/TR.asp?JobID=1049&Url=W1
Or send an e-mail with your name and mailing address to
newscriptingsub@win2000mag.com (be sure to also reference code
Or call us at (800) 793-5712 or (970) 663-4700

*Rates vary outside the U.S.


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