[linux-elitists] telnet weenie frenzy!

Tabinda N. Khan tabindak@best.com
Tue Feb 27 15:32:38 PST 2001

Quoting Rick Moen:
> The naive user is indeed in a bind, over this -- because of the awkward
> and much-too-slow transition away from plaintext authentication methods 
> for network protocols.  However, this is exascerbated by such users
> (typically) causing security problems for _others_ (i.e., sysadmins) by 
> continuing to use outdated tools:  Action is divorced from consequence.

I totally agree with you. I just think that Don's LJ response should have
included the phrase "plaintext password" or any sort of clue to give the 
requestor a starting point for further investigation. If they were given even
the tinest tidbit of info, they could use it as the basis for future learning
and caution. Or at least, that's how it worked for me when someone clued me
into plaintext passwords in FTP and telnet. Granted, that was a very long time
ago, but I used it to learn more and to question authentication methods when
using other protocols. 



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