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Ben Woodard ben@valinux.com
Tue Feb 27 14:48:32 PST 2001

That would be nice. I took my OS class from a prof who worked for IBM
for years. He kept on talking about DASD and stuff like that. It was
weird. I have to admit though though that it did teach me quite a bit
about how revolutionary the fundemental idea in Unix that "everything
is a file" really was. This OS class was general enough that I got to
see how big of an annoyance it was when you had different API's and
constructs for different kinds of storage.


> I've been asked to teach a class on "OS principles" at a local
> college. Interestingly enough, they asked me specifically to do it on
> Linux, both as an example for OS design and as development environment!
> Gee, wasn't there an offer that the teaching staff at colleges would get
> money from Microsoft for speaking positively about Windows? Mr Gates, I'm
> waiting... :-)
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