[linux-elitists] telnet weenie frenzy!

Vinnie Chassot drachen@freeshell.org
Mon Feb 26 15:52:05 PST 2001

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Don Marti wrote:

> People are getting to the back of the March issue. Today is a good day
> for "Well _I_ use telnet and I don't get hacked", "Don't u know u can
> telnet BEHIND THE FIRWALL DUMASS!!!" and "I don't like your attitude"
> mail. 
You know, I'm total sysadmin weenie, not a security expert, not much of
anything, and I still fall over when I discover people who use telnet, or
worse, don't know why it's bad. This isn't rocket science, this is knowing
how not to put your pants on backwards, folks. 

> (Tabinda doesn't like this item either, since what happens if sshd dies
> and telnet works only over the VPN?)

No access is better than compromised access?

> Also, any ideas for an easy-to-type replacement for the "ssh" command
> if Ylonen's lawyers manage to take out OpenSSH? I know they have no
> case, but there's a hacker tradition of "when you're forced to replace a
> project name, pick one insulting to the plaintiff". The problem is that
> the y key (on QWERTY) is inconvenient to reach, so "ys", "yia", and
> "yfpbtb" are slower to type than "ssh".

pins (pins is not ssh)? 
sins? (just 'cos it would be cool to have a program called 'sins' :) )
sns (sns not ssh -- this is also particularly easy to type)

stmr (secure TerMinals rock/sucky trademarks rot)



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