[linux-elitists] telnet weenie frenzy!

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 26 14:14:02 PST 2001

begin  Don Marti quotation:

> Also, any ideas for an easy-to-type replacement for the "ssh" command
> if Ylonen's lawyers manage to take out OpenSSH?

A couple of years back, when I started keeping my ssh-clients list,
there was no name for the _protocol_, as distinct from the software.
So, I started referring to the various protocol versions in use as being
versions of "secsh", taking that name from that of the IETF
draft-standard committee[1].  I think, to my surprise, that this usage
has begun to take hold.

It _could_ serve as a generic name for implementations, as well.
Awkard, but possibly an option.

But SSH Communications, Ltd.'s issue must logically be not just with the
OpenBSD Foundation, but also with everyone _else_ whose third-party
implementation (or related literature) uses the terms "SSH" or "secure

Oliver Wagner, Cisco Inc., Appgate Inc. (Martin Forssen & Mats
Andersson), Matthias L. Jugel & Marcus Meißner, Cédric Gourio, Jonas
Walldén, F-Secure Corporation, Sassy Software (Rolf Braun), Jean-Pierre
Stierlin, Daniel Nagy, David Jones, Christer Weinigel & Richard Levitte,
EmTec (Markus Goemmel & Markus Schmidt), UC Berkeley's ISAAC Group (and
Ian Goldberg), Niels Möller, Björn Grönvall, the FreSSH Project (Thor
Lancelot Simon and Eric Haszlakiewicz), Per-Erik Martin, Brian
Wellington, Niels Provos, the LADON Project (Stefan Mangard), Corinna
Vinschen, Jarle Aase, Mark Bradshaw, Van Dyke Technologies Inc., Robert
O'Callahan, Simon Tatham, Mass Confusion (Timothy Chen), Silicon Circus,
Century Software, InterSoft International Inc., Metro State College of
Denver, Pragma Systems, Fujio Nobori, Martin Prikryl, and Mov Software
(Stephen Pendleton) -- at least.

Those people are all over the world.  I'd call this a lost cause,
irrespective of its merits.

[1] http://www.tigerlair.com/ssh/faq/ssh1-draft.txt

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