[linux-elitists] What to do about RIAA?

Heather star@starshine.org
Mon Feb 26 12:52:24 PST 2001

> On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Heather wrote:
> > I'm not even going into the argument about "right" - legal vs ethical
> > vs justice vs come here and take it from me *personally* and I'll
> > scream "rape"  (because it's more effective than yelling "mugging" or
> > even "fire") you darn RIAA putzims.
> Please do NOT trivialize rape this way. This is so not OK with me it's not
> funny.
> I've BEEN raped. I've been taxed. I know the difference.
> Do you?

I'm terribly sorry to hear that... even more that you weren't rescued (else
you'd call it -almost-)

The IRS tried to claim two years ago that we had made over 400 thousand 
dollars (closer to 500).  They made moves to attach both my and Jim's wages.
I had two things going for me (1) my HR rep bothered to *tell* me, not just
go ahead and do it, and (2) my very clued accountant immediately sent them
"no you have to prove that, you have it wrong" paperwork.  I was rescued.
But I was *deeply* in fear for my livelihood - what we really made didn't
approach 200k, and we did *not* have the kind of maney they wanted, to spare.

Accept my apologies.  I should certainly make sure to where my chainmail
chemise and make sure to carry my own pocketknife before inviting the RIAA
to come and get *anything* from me personally.

Some weener will probably claim that my knife is illegal but they can stick
it under "self defense".

A problem: "in fear for your life" you are legally defended, when you use 
even deadlt force against your oppressor.  Even people who hate the victim 
generally agree on that one.

"in fear for your freedom" doesn't get such defense... in fact is more
denigrated every day :(  If things had gone poorly for me, we would have
had to humbly beg permission to sue the government about it.

Huh.  And I said I wouldn't dive into this argument.  I'm going to have to
go get my water wings and come back, on Thursday after I'm done with Gazette

* Heather * V. All principles of gravity are negated by fear.
		-- Esquire, "O'Donnell's Laws of Cartoon Motion", June 1980

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