[linux-elitists] telnet weenie frenzy!

Don Marti dmarti@ssc.com
Mon Feb 26 12:20:45 PST 2001

Attention Linux elitists:

People are getting to the back of the March issue. Today is a good day
for "Well _I_ use telnet and I don't get hacked", "Don't u know u can
telnet BEHIND THE FIRWALL DUMASS!!!" and "I don't like your attitude"

(Tabinda doesn't like this item either, since what happens if sshd dies
and telnet works only over the VPN?)

This is all regarding an item that appeared in Linux Journal (appended).
Any of you all security experts have an opinion?

Also, any ideas for an easy-to-type replacement for the "ssh" command
if Ylonen's lawyers manage to take out OpenSSH? I know they have no
case, but there's a hacker tradition of "when you're forced to replace a
project name, pick one insulting to the plaintiff". The problem is that
the y key (on QWERTY) is inconvenient to reach, so "ys", "yia", and
"yfpbtb" are slower to type than "ssh".

Anyway, here's that "controversial" item...

Telnet doesn't work?  Good.

Hi, i am using Mandrake7.1.  After the installation i am unable
to telnet or ftp to my localmachine.  telnet localhost telnet:Error
message - unable to connect to remote host: connection refused

pierre, pierre_poo@hotmail.com

Teaching people how to set up telnet or ftp servers is irresponsible,
so we won't do it. Shred your dusty old no-sense-of-security Internet
books that explain these two insecure protocols (don't give them to a
library; a kid might see them) and install ssh. Most distributions have
easy-to-install ssh packages now. If you need to log in to your Linux
box from non-Linux clients, check Rick Moen's canonical list of ssh
software at: http://linuxmafia.com/pub/linux/security/ssh-clients

Don Marti dmarti@linuxjournal.com

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