[linux-elitists] What to do about RIAA?

Heather star@starshine.org
Mon Feb 26 11:39:42 PST 2001

> I go through about 50 CD-Rs per Bootable Business Card revision, and I
> or my employer actually have a valid copyright license or hold the
> copyright for all copyrighted material included there -- as far as I
> know.  (As they say over in Debian, if you know otherwise, please file
> a bug.)
> Some people say I should use CD-RW, but I seem to be hell of lazy so
> far.
> Paying taxes to the RIAA on these CD-R blanks is not that much fun,
> even if it's a business expense.

I'd say it's pretty much bullshit to have to pay The Music Industry Goons
for blanks if we aren't doing music on them.

>From a freedom standpoint those goons have no right to tell us what to do
or not do on blank media.  They have no more right to "charge me extra
for CD-Rs cuz I may write music on them" than they have to charge me extra
for Bic Pens because I may write down lyrics on plain paper with them. 
I sign checks with 'em too.

I'm not even going into the argument about "right" - legal vs ethical vs
justice vs come here and take it from me *personally* and I'll scream "rape" 
(because it's more effective than yelling "mugging" or even "fire") you darn 
RIAA putzims.

As one who knows a bunch of recording artists personally it actually ticks
me off... and after N years of tech support I otherwise have the patience
of several sainthoods...

* Heather * The chief enemy of creativity is "good" sense -- Picasso

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