[linux-elitists] What to do about RIAA?

Heather star@starshine.org
Mon Feb 26 11:13:36 PST 2001

> I'd like to see more and more information producers go to Open Content
> or Design Science-like licenses, but (as with software) there's no way
> to force the copyright holder to make their information Free.
> That said, copyright is not such an important right that it justifies
> the tactics of the RIAA. You don't have to justify Rodney King's
> blowing a red light in order to abhor his beating by the
> LAPD. Similarly, you don't have to support "piracy" (blech word) in
> order be opposed to the sue-the-Internet tactics of copyright holders
> like the RIAA, the MPAA, and others.
> ~Mr. Bad
> P.S. Myself, though, I happen to support and participate in the
> piracy. Hell, it's the informational equivalent of busting ideas out
> of jail -- why not do it? Of course, I'll probably regret it when I've
> destroyed the Music Industry and the last note of music ever made
> fades into eternity, but by that time I'll have several hundred Gb of
> Oggs and I'll be able to console myself with them.

We who sing in the back stairs when conventions won't give us a room
really never cared if we were "allowed" by the RIAA to sing anything.

Especially if we wrote it, tune and lyrics, ourselves.  Even the slaves
of the fields couldn't be kept from singing their own tunes - though 
they may not 'ha dun it whilez massa was a'lookin on!

btw, the Filk convention Consonance is this weekend :)  Several rabble
rousers such as Leslie Fish will be there.  Maybe I'll ask Eli (one of a 
handful of filk studio producers) if he's planning to gather a CD or tape 
of activist songs for the modern era.


* Heather * Adhere to your own act, and congratulate yourself if you have 
            done something strange and extravagant, and broken the monotony 
            of a decorous age.  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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