[linux-elitists] What to do about RIAA?

Ruben I Safir - Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO ruben@mrbrklyn.com
Sun Feb 25 06:20:51 PST 2001

> The question is that public policy should not have a too far
> reaching impact.

Like the declaration of Independence as a policy statement?

I'm sorry ... I really don't understand what you mean.

> I'm really interested as to how the Man will try to do that.

Oh gee whiz...start with the DMCA, and then bully hardware
manufactorers to place spyware into the firmware of every peice
of hardware which can be legaly purchased...now roundup a few geeks
who hack into it for Linux campatibilty and prosecute them under the
DMCA, have the fed's come in and put in a brief saying their a bunch
of bad hackers and splash it all over the Disney News Channel, and
then jail them for making fair use of their media.  Then have a major
corperation condem the whole movement as being unamerican

That would about accomplish the mission.....

> You can't firewall everything, since this means effectively 
> shutting the Net down.

Not at all...your being over dramatic.  All you need is to increase
police state activity on the internet and control the most basic
choke points at the ISP level.  

The IRS can collect taxes and the Net is going to be gradually subdued.
The plan is out there, the wheel's are in motion already.

> And far too much money is made online
> globally to allow that. 

Nah... you would have to prove that.  We haven't even begun to effectively
use the Net to our economic advantage yet.  And effective control will be 
brought into the net regardless of the economic costs to the public if it
reatins the current status quo.

> As to hardware, you can't remove
> existing hardware from circulation,

Sure you can... it's a standard business model called forced migration..
certainly you don't think it takes 256Megs of Ram to work a standard
Word Processor...

Aside from that..equipment has a limited lifespan.

> > succeed to controlling the publics ability to think...
> > and the public will like thank them for it..
> Why are you interested about the general public?


Because I'm a member of it........

as are my children.


Brooklyn Linux Solutions


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