[linux-elitists] Secure CVS, redux

Dan York dyork@e-smith.com
Wed Feb 14 08:15:58 PST 2001

Got a question that came up in my mind because of the CVS discussion
on this list last week.  We (LPI) keep the lpi.org web site in
CVS so that multiple people can work on it.  Because we have wanted
to avoid the security issues of using pserver, we been using CVS
over ssh.  All has worked fine... but... the negative side is that
we've had to give all the folks helping on the site a shell account
on the LPI server.

So my question is this - is it possible to do something like use
pserver over ssh?  We want to do all transactions via ssh, but we
don't want to have most folks having shell accounts. What we want
is NOT secure *anonymous* access (like Joey's article). We want
each user to have their own separate account.

Can pserver be set to use ssh?  Is there a better option?  

Any suggestions or URLs would be most welcome!


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